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March 21, 2013
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Room mates

------ America's POV ------

You and Arthur had finally switched school. This school had dorms and rooms, how awesome isn't that? Three years would you live in this school. Better make sure to get a good room mate for both you and Arthur. Of course you were supposed to share rooms with someone of the same gender but you were going to play the greatest trick ever on your British big brother. But you had to be quick, before he found his room.

Your plan was to switch keys with people until you got a key to a room that was already holding a girl. And then switch keys with Arthur. THEN HE HAD TO SHARE ROOM WITH A GIRL! BEST PLAN EVER!

------ England's POV ------

"Iggy~!!" Someone yelled behind you. You knew right away who it was. None other than your loud, American brother.

"What is it Alfred?" You asked and sighed.

"I want to switch keys with you!"

"Why is that?"

"Because Kiku has the other key to that room and I want to share room with him."

"Give me a good reason to trade keys with you?"

"Because I'll be nice, so PLEASE!?"

"FINE, just don't be so loud!" You said and handed over your key.

"THANK YOU!" Alfred yelled again as he handed you his key and ran away in an incredible speed.

"Did I not tell you not to be loud!?" You yelled after him. As he disappeared out of sight you sighed. He never listened to you.

'Weird... Wait a second, he had not seen my room number, how would he know if I was sharing room with Kiku?' You thought.

You looked at your new room key. '129' it was in scripted.

'Oh well, it can't be to bad? If he put me in a room with Francis, then I will kill him and demand my old key back. Or, in the opposite order.'

It didn't take long till you found the room. It was an pretty easy to find room. You slowly opened the door. Who would you share room with for the coming three years?

There in the room stood a girl with [h/l], [h/c] hair. As she turned around after hearing the door open you noticed who it was. ______.

"Excuse me, this must be the wrong room" you said and quickly closed the door again.

What had your idiotic brother done this time...?

------ America's POV ------

"ALFRED!!!" You heard a familiar voice behind you. It was none other that the brother you had just switched keys with.

"Hey bro, wassup?" You asked, pretending not to know anything. Of course he would be mad. This was expected from the start.

"You bloody know what's up." He replied.

"No? Tell me~ Is it the sky you mean~?"

"Of course it's not the bloody sky! You switched keys with me and now I have to share room with a girl! And not just any girl!"

"Wait, don't tell me your sharing room with ______!?"

"That is none of your business!"

"Oh my gawd! Your sharing room with your long time crush ______!"

"Shut up!" He yelled and covered your mouth. You broke yourself loose.

"If my plan became so awesome that you ended up sharing room with her, what's the problem?"

"Aha! I knew it was you!" He interrupted you.

"Who else would think of something as heroic as getting you closer to your crush~?"

"Those were not you're intensions from the start..."

"I know, but from now on, this was my plan from the start. Wasn't my plan awesome~?"

He crossed his arms. Not looking to happy. But this trick actually turned into a favor. He should be happy! After all, it was a chance for him to get closer to ______. Now you just had to make him walk back to his room. Or maybe it was better to say ______'s room.

------ England's POV ------

After lots of arguing you had ended up walking back to the room. You made up some silly, desperate excuse for leaving earlier.

You practically threw your bag on the bed and hold your hand out for _______ to shake it.

"I haven't introduced myself. I'm Arthur. Arthur Kirkland." You said. She took your hand and shook it.

"I'm ______ ________, nice to meet you Arthur." She said and smiled. Such a cute smile.

"I guess we will be sharing room these coming three years."

"I guess so." She replied and went back to unpacking her stuff. You decided to do the same and started placing your clothes in the small drawer at the other side of the room.

'This will be three interesting years.' You thought. 'Maybe to interesting...?'

------ Time Skip ------

A few months passed pretty awkwardly but eventually you got used to each other. On the evenings you talked about lots of different things. Sadly though, there were no signs of her liking you.

As the summer came her friend started setting her up on these blind dates. Every evening when she came home she told you about them. They had all been disasters. She ended each of these stories by telling him how those guys didn't fit her and why. You noticed more and more how you fit in on her description of how a guy should be. With a few misses you hit almost every target. You did not tell her this though. Who knew what the result might be.

One day when she was preparing for ANOTHER blind date you walked in on her while she was changing. She had just taken off her t-shirt when you entered.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll come back." You said and felt the blush appear on your face.

"It's fine, I'm almost done." She said and pulled on a dress. Then the jeans went off. You wanted her so badly but she was like a forbidden area. Or a reserved area.

Her dress covered her panties. You didn't really know if it was a good or a bad thing. You noticed more and more how she treated you as a brother and not a potential boyfriend. It stung but what was there to do?

"How do I look?" She asked you?

"You look stunning."

"Thank you~ Wish me luck~" She said and left before you had time to reply.

You took a seat and sighed. Brother zoned... You had been brother zoned. Seeing it this way hurt even more.

There was a quick knock on the door and then the loud American entered.

"Hey bro~!" He yelled. "Woah, you look depressed!" He said loudly as he noticed you.

"Well, everything is complicated."

"I'm guessing it's about her?"

"Mhm... She seems to think of me more as a brother than a potential boyfriend..."

"Ouch, that's gotta hurt."

"It does... She keeps on going on all these blind dates her friend is putting her up on. She didn't really care much when I walked in on her and saw her in her bra."

"Dude, you saw her in her bra?"


"Dude, I'll solve this for ya, don't worry. The hero has tha plan~"

"Good luck I guess?"

------ Reader's POV ------

Another disaster date. Why did Elizabeta keep on sending you on dates with all these weirdo's?

You had just left the restaurant when your phone rang. Look at this. Talking about the trolls, here they are.

"_______ here." You replied.

"Hi, it's Eliza, you're still dressed up right?"


"I got another date for you~"

"I don't want anymore dates, really."

"This will be the last one, I promise."

"Last one? Promise?"

"Yep, the last one. I think you will click with this guy."

"You said the same with the other guys...."

"I really mean it this time! Please just trust me?"

"If this is another disaster date, you owe me big time!"

"Gotcha! I'll text you the address. Table is reserved and all."

"Fine....." You replied and hung up on her. You could almost hear her laugh in your head.

The text arrived a few seconds later. It was a pretty fancy restaurant. One of the best in town actually. It would be the first time you would go there. Something positive at least...

It wasn't very far away so you decided to walk there. When you got closer you noticed someone familiar standing by the entrance. It was none other than Arthur Kirkland. His blond hair looked as it usually did and his emerald green eyes told him off. He was nervous. He was wearing a suit that made him look incredibly handsome. What on earth would he be doing here? Probably to meet up with his girlfriend....

------ England's POV ------

"Hey Arthur, what are you doing here?" She asked as she got closer.

"Waiting for you." You replied and tried your best to smile.

"Why?" She looked surprised.

"Well, you're my date after all."

She didn't reply. She looked adorable and confused.

"Shall we?" You said and held up the door.

She nodded.

"Have you reserved a table?"

"Yes, a table for two reserved for Arthur Kirkland."

"Ahhh, yes, this way please."

The two of you were led to a table at the corner of the restaurant. Nice and quiet. You pulled out her chair and let her sit down before you sat down yourself. The waiter handed out menu's to both of you and had you order drinks. As he left the conversation never really started. It never started until the food was placed in front of them. She stared down in her plate.

"Is something wrong?" You asked her.

"Nono, I am just thinking."

"Would you mind sharing your thoughts? You are worrying me a it."

"Did you have feelings for me all along?"

"Honestly, yes."

"But, but.... I thought you had a girlfriend. You seemed to perfect to be true so I assumed you had one..."

"I would have said the same about you if you didn't go to all those blind dates."

From there the discussion continued. And after that day you and _______ started dating. Alfred's stupid plan seemed to work after all. Maybe it wasn't so stupid as you thought.
Well, here is my EnglandxReader!
Only one chapter ^^"
And I know.... I am the worst at happy endings...

I do not own you or Hetalia but I do own this story.

I do not own the preview image.
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