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January 12, 2013
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*** Part 3 ***

You felt someone grab your arm and suddenly you were dragged back into the living room. The next second you were thrown onto the couch. In the chairs in front of you the two guys sat down. Alfred looked confused while Arthur had a huge grin. His green eyes almost scared you; there were not the same as when he had bought you for Alfred, many years ago.

"Now, who exactly are you?" Arthur asked.

"I am ________, just as I believe Alfred told you."

"And why should I believe that?"

"Because it is true."

"So you are saying that you, if you now are ________, magically over a night turned human? Why on earth should I believe that?"

"It is not like I know how I became human, I saw a falling star and heard a voice, the next thing I knew, I was human"

"Hah, the falling star trick, do you honestly believe I would fall for that? I, who deal with black magic, do you think I am a bloody fool?"

"I never said you were a fool"

"Well, you are treating me like one, falling stars, so childish…"

"You might not believe it, but I am truly telling the truth."

"Lies, I won’t fall for it, Alfred fell for it, but he is the biggest, bloody fool I know"

"How dare you call him a fool? If there is any fool here it’s you, who honestly believe in black magic and magical creatures… Really, maybe someone should put you in a mental hospital"

"How dare you?"

"Do you honestly believe you can fake something like this? I know almost everything about you and Alfred, I know how much you hate Francis and how you both fought over who was Alfred’s older brother, I know about when Alfred fell down the well, and you had to send a rope down to save him, he was bleeding from his head. I was there, all along, you can ask me anything, during my lonely years alone on that shelf I had nothing but my thoughts and memories, I should remember everything."

Arthur stared at you, stunned.

------ England’s POV ------

'Bloody hell… If she really is _______ and really does knows everything… I don’t want Alfred to know I regret becoming his brother, I am not sure of his reaction…

"Are you going to ask me anything? Or do you all of a sudden believe me?"

You were just about to say something were Alfred said:

"What did I tell you the night before you turned human?"

You stared at him, he looked fully serious, then over to _________, could she really reply to this?

"you called yourself a failiure, you said you were insane and desperate, you wished that I could answer you and such"

You watched as Alfred’s gaze went to the floor. 'Was… Was she right?' Alfred’s face expression slowly became unreadable and he almost looked sick.
"I-I should maybe leave you guys alone." You said and quietly left the room. No one said anything as you did but you understood why.

Once you were out of the room you went into your room and sat down in your special thinking chair. 'How the bloody hell did she turn human? How the bloody hell was she able to think and feel? SHE WAS A DOLL. Maybe I should look up the company that made her?'

------ America’s POV ------

'So… So it really is her?'

"I-I should maybe leave you guys alone." You heard your brother say as he slowly left the room.

'I don’t understand… Arthur said it was impossible… But only ________ would know what I said that night.'

Arthur was now out of sight, you heard the door to his room close down the hall. Right in front of you sat the, now human, ________ and tried to get eye contact with you but you refused to take your gaze of the floor, it helped you clean your head at least a bit.

You heard ________ take a deep breath. "I’m sorry, maybe I should have stayed as a doll, if you want me to I’ll leave."

"N-No, you can’t just leave just like that!"

"Why not? I only seem to be hurting you. Not physically but mentally."

"You're not, it’s just that there is a lot to take in right now"

"I can understand that"

"Just… Just let me clear my head a bit."

"As you wish"

She sat there quiet, as she probably was used to if she really used to be a doll, which seemed likely but not logical now…. The more you tried to think the less popped up in your head, in the end you gave up and sighed.

"Head clearer now?" she asked with a sweet voice.

"Not really but it doesn’t matter… We can’t just sit here all day anyways…"

"Well, I'm new to this, what is there to do?"

"Hmm, we should do something fun, but you will probably find anything fun since you don’t know what is boring."

"Sounds logical"

"Maybe some amusement park or something could be fun?"

"I have no idea what 'Amusement Park' means but I trust you on that its fun" she said and smiled. She was amazingly cute while she smiled; it almost felt unreal being in the same room as her, that's how cute she was.

------ Your POV ------

"We should get going before it closes then" he said and rose from his seat. You nodded as a reply and followed him to the hallway.

"We should be stuck in the car for about an hour." He said while putting on his shoes.

"Good to know" you said and grinned.

He opened the door for you as you left the building. The fresh air hit your face with the smell of grass and flowers. In the tree to your right there was a small bird nest with two small singing birds, guarding their eggs.

Alfred walked past you and you followed him to his red car. It was a fancy looking BMW that you remember when he bought, even though this was the first time you really saw it. Alfred had gotten home late one day and threw an oddly looking key on his desk, ofcourse it would be for a car, since you had heard him talk about cars for weeks. A few months later, he had placed the key next to you on your shelf. You had read BMW on it and guessed yourself to that it was a car brand. If there were clothes brands there had to be car brands to.

He took a seat by the steering wheel and told you to take the seat next to him.

"You should put on the seatbelt" he said. You didn't fully understand the tone in his voice. He sounded rather neutral in his voice with a tone you didn't recognize.

'Was it really a good idea to even wish to be human?' you questioned yourself.

You watched him strap a black belt over his chest and you realized that was probably be the seatbelt and strapped one over yourself to.

He started the car and drove off, you watched the scenery outside the window fly by when suddenly your gaze hit the clouds and you disappeared deep into your thoughts.

------ America's POV ------

------ Le Time Skip~ ------

During the entire ride you had secretly watched her as she stared at the clouds. She looked adorable. Her [h/l], [h/c] hair was matching her [e/c] eyes perfectly and she looked so peaceful for the moment.

The car ride had been awfully quiet. For awhile she closed her eyes and looked like if she was sleeping.

'She said it was a falling star, which means she wished to be human. But… Why would she possibly want to be human? Except from maybe how boring it must have been being unable to talk and move. And spending years on a shelf. Why did I leave her there? I never even bothered to dust her off. But I don’t understand, I left her, why is she not leaving? Now that she is human…'

You finally found a parking space in the huge, overfilled parking lot and stopped the car.

"Are we there now?" she said, sounding a bit like an impatient little kid.

"Yep, let's go" you said, sounding as excited as possible, even though you were confused, you shouldn't destroy this for her.

The two of you walked to the entrance and you paid for you both, unlimited rides of course. As you finally entered, she grabbed your arm; you could see in your face expression that she didn't feel too comfortable around all these strangers.

"What do you want to do first?" you asked her.

"What is there to do?"

"Well… Tons of stuff!"

"That is a horrible answer to my question. Why don't just show me what you find fun?"

"I guess that would be the best" you said and grinned, she had such a funny way to react to things.

You walked her to your favorite attraction. The Free Fall. You watched her stare at how the people strapped themselves stuck and slowly was sent up to the top. Then, how she looked a bit terrified, as they screamed while going down. She swallowed loudly and grabbed onto your arm tighter.

"Are you really serious about this?"

"Yep, it isn't as scary as it looks, if I remember it right, but it was a long time since I was here last…"

She stared at the attraction again.

"I hope you are right…"
To all England fans, sorry for making him look mean xD
But if I am planning things right, he will have an important role in this story, which will be of MANY chapters....

And I believe, that I will piss many people off in the end... MOHAHAHAHA~~
(No more spoilers.)

Now I wonder, have people noticed that I am writing this as if it was in the past?
It will all be explained... In the last chapter. *Feels Evil* Mohahahaha~ *Evil Smile*

I hope this chapter was enjoyed as much as the first 2~
Fav's and Comments are appreciated~~
Thank you! :)

Part 2 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]

I do not own you, America or Hetalia. But I do own this story.

I do not own the preview image.
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