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March 5, 2013
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*** Part 15 ***

------ England's POV ------

------ Time Skip ------

Since she had turned back to a doll you had been searching for answers. She had been human for exactly one week. Why give her just enough time to get close to Alfred and then take it all away?

One dark night you had heard a voice in your dream. You had never heard it before. Where could this voice suddenly come from?

"Why are you searching for something you will never find?" The voice echoed.

"I want answers." You replied. Trying to keep your cool.

"Answers to what?"

"Who are you even to question me?"

"Who do you think I am?"

"I have no bloody idea."

"Why would I possibly be asking this?"

"You are the only one who can answer that question."

"Oh, that's a lie. You already know the answer yourself."

You silenced. As if he had read your mind he said:

"Yes, I am her creator. I was the one to give her feelings. I was the one to make her human."

You stayed quiet. It was so obvious all along. Why had he not seen it?

"The reason why you cannot find that factory is because it no longer exists. I wiped of the earth’s surface myself." The voice continued.


"Because of her. She was never meant to be given to the humans. She was my favorite creation. I needed no others."

"How did she end up here then?"

"It was not her destiny to stay here. She was meant to be bought by you and given to Alfred. But from the moment she ended up with the humans her memories were erased. I was no longer existing for her."

"So, all you want is the best for her, right?"

"Of course."

"Then why turn her back to a doll when she just had gotten close to my brother?"

"The reason I made her human from the start was for her to realize how pity humans were. And want to come back. That plan did not work out as I hoped."

"I see. But for her own good will you give her back her human form?"

"I do not wish to, since I see a dark future for her, but it is her biggest wish. I shall turn her human during the winter."

"That is great news. Alfred will be overjoyed."

"Alfred must not know."


"It shall all be a test. If he truly loves her I will let her stay human till she dies. If not she will be returned here."

"I see."

"Good. Now, my existence is nothing you must leak to anyone. Not even your little troll loving friend."

"I won't."

The promise was made. The voice faded away and you woke up. The clock said 3:29. You were not sure if you would be able to go back to sleep.

------ Your POV ------

------ Time Skip ------

Months had passed since the day you had returned to your doll form. Alfred had first cried. Then blamed himself and then raged. During the rage period he had thrown you into a box. Then apologized and placed you back on the shelf.

You had watched the rest of the summer, the autumn and the start of winter pass through the window. The last month Alfred had stopped looking at you. He usually threw glances at you as if wishing you would come back. He was also homeless. You guessed he was at a friend’s house. But you could be wrong?

One evening you had felt lonelier than ever. Not only did you usually feel lonely but Alfred had not been home for days. What was he even doing?

You stared out the window at the starry sky. Suddenly everything went black and a remembered voice echoed through your mind.

"You're one lucky girl. Your wishes have been heard and will be answered once again. You will be given one more week as human."

"STOP!" You forced yourself to yell.
"I don't want a week! I want forever! Or at least to my death!"

"Is that so?"


"If that is truly what you want. Then, if you during one week can prove that Alfred really loves you, then I shall give you forever."

"That's easy."

'It was already confirmed that he loved you, right?'

"If you say so." The voice said and faded away.
As I said, as long as there is love, there is hope.
And now, England can relax. No more studies, his questions are answered.
It was afterall not wishing magic.
But is wishing magic really nonsence?
That is up to you.

*Correction by Shiraishi-Amaya*
*where there's food, there is hope.*

As always, enjoy the chapter!
All comments will be answered! Always!

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Disclaimer: I do not own you, America or Hetalia. But I do own this story.

I do not own the preview image.
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